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Monday, September 19, 2011

It's all about the A! Or is it K?

Our first week was not as normal as I would like our homeschool week to go.  One thing that set us back were two trips to the zoo.  In order to take advantage of our free passes I have scheduled a bunch of trips this month.  We had a ball with our friends both days! 
We had a good week learning about the letter A.  We did all the activities in the lesson plan.  When I summed up our week Saturday, I showed my little leaper the A she made with popsicle sticks.  I said “Sweetheart what letter is this?” She yelled “K”.  I hope she’ll pick up on the new letter E.  We will have our friends here Monday to start a new week of learning. 
Here are some pictures of our fieldtrips and lesson time.

Zoo Trip!

Feeding the giraffe was lots of fun.

Our twin friends.

Brushing the goats was smelly!!

Watching a huge python!!!


We're still working on tracing.

Do a Dots are a big hit!!

I have to hide scissors from my little leaper! She loves to cut things.

Letter of the Week puzzle
Letter of the Week Curriculum

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