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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Getting it all together?

Will I really ever get it all together?  No, but I try! Our classroom is almost complete. Most of the work for the week is ready to use. We have 3 or 4 homeschooling friends that will be joining on this adventure. My little leaper is very excited to start going to school at home.  She has mentioned her "school" a few times. I heard her telling the teacher at church that she was going to go to school at home.  So that make me feel good.  Some of  her friends are attending the class at Family Fundamentals and are enjoying it.  I feel like I don't what the competition. Our first week of school will be two days at the zoo.  We get in free with our MOSI pass so I plan to go as much as possible.  Well I don't have time to type I have to keep working on stuff. Will post pictures later.  For now I can check Creating a Blog off my list. 

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